The idea for designing his own lamps began when owner James Canaday and his wife were shopping for a unique pair of lamps for their home.  After much searching they realized that distinctive lamps are not found in most retail markets.  Mr. Canaday decided to combine his skills in lamp repair and rewiring with his appreciation for decorative arts.  Thus began his designing one-of-a-kind lamps. 

OHR lamp collection includes:

 "Bonanza" - Rustic chest with copper striped nickel bun feet.  Topped with antique shade and horse finial. Height 29 1/2"  Shade 16"W x 12 1/2" H $295.00 "Nature's Awakening" - As the day begins to unfold the sun breaking on the horizon outlines a small bird in its natural surrouding.  Black brass base and black shade.  Topped with antique gold finial.  Height 20"  Shade 10"W x 8 3/4"H
"Spring" - Green background with sprouting orange buds on reddish brown base.  White shade with orange tulip finial.  Height 26 3/4"  Shade 12"W x 9"H $295.00 "Chrysalis"- Green slivers of grass highlighted by a golden hue of sunlight that gently breaks into a brilliant white top.  Antique gold brass base.  Antique shade with small green oval stone finial. Height 30 1/4"  Shade 14"W x 11"H  $295.00
"Jungle" -
Brown and gold animal print on the body with a base that is brass and wood.  Ivory shade with arrowhead finial. 
Height - 24 3/4".  Shade - 20"W x 12"H  $295.00
"Yellowstone" - Stoneware body with antique shade, trimmed with genuine leather  Height - 33 3/4"  Shade - 19"W x 10 1/2" H  $295.00
"Eat More Chickin' " - Body of lamp represents the markings you might find on a Jersey cow.  Black wooden base,  topped with unique Jersey cow finial with white shade.  Height 26"  Shade 18"W x 12"H   $295.00 "Sahara" - Body of lamp represents the effect of rust cobblestone with black grout-like features.  Rust colored brass base with stone finial. Height 25 1/2" Shade 13 1/2W x 10 1/2 H  $295.00

"Zebra" - bright green and white stripes in a zebra pattern characterize this unique lamp.  The base is wooden.  The shade is black with green leaves of grass for a finial.  Height 31 1/2 " high, shade is 20"wide and 12" tall.  $295.00




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